Yep, we're (really) building a new social media platform

Dive is an ethical, next-generation environment for creators and content viewers alike. Create all types of content and interact in new and unique ways


Being good never looked this good

Guaranteed, you've never seen a platform like Dive before. We optimized it for every device, user, and uploaded file

The video player

We didn't want to, but we're having a beef with Apple right now. Totally our fault, but here's how to try the video player: use a device not running iOS or iPadOS and a browser that isn't Safari


0% 0:00

*Final video player will have more precision features

The feed

The Hallway (Single)

I am so incredibly proud of this song and I really hope you like it guys! It was inspired by a hallway I new a long time ago, must have been at least a decade. The lyrics tell about this place that I used to know

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When you actually respect the data of your users

We store literally nothing on you. Sure, we could collect everything you do and compile it together into an algorithm whose sole intent is keeping you on our platform longer. Dive, however, values your time way too much for all that

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iPhone 12 Review

So I've been testing out the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro for the past couple weeks and have been beyond impressed with these devices. They're sleek, well made, and have the best Apple software to date.

Elwin Shel •7g5s

Luke Fabricatore •luke

Behind the scenes of Dive

Behind the scenes of platform X

Behind the scenes of both

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One of my favorite aerial shots

I brought a drone along with me on a recent trip. Suffice to say, I'm really proud of this shot—definitely shows how far I've come as a photographer

Behind the scenes of Dive

Behind the scenes of platform X

Behind the scenes of both

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A social media platform without ads? *Shocker

Let's face it—advertisements are a moral gray area. Dive plans to offset all costs through subscriptions, sponsorships, in-platform currency, and more diversified options

Ad block therapy


Your computer is broken for some reason. Download this FREE malware to make it worse!

A product you've been looking at for the past few days that we're conveniently placing here. No privacy concerns here at all



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Generic kingdom-based games that have a 30% chance of being real. Usually featuring clickbait that does not relate to the game.

Upload anything*

Compatible with your creative energy

On launch, you can upload photos, videos, audio, text, and more. There's practically no limit to what you will be able to come up with. What's better? They're kept in their full uncompressed quality* for viewing/streaming on any device

*Video playback may be in lower resolution for improved performance on slower networks

Can Dive upload your fileit?

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Do you even need a website anymore?

We want your profile to be an extension of who you are. From custom colors to integration with our link service, Hydrin, your Dive profile can truly be a one-stop shop. Try out the profile designer below—we're storing none of this!

Add name and bio

Choose profile image

Get a DOT

The Distinctive Origin Tag (DOT) is our solution to the lack of available usernames on major social media. Instead of a custom address, we'll give you a four digit alphanumerical code that's super easy to remember and can be used across all Dive services


Theme the heck out of it



Add Hydrin links

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604 Mixes

(Dive Tap)  At long last... new Covers

November 2021 • Let's face it, we were all getting pretty bored with the four basic Tap Covers. That's why we wanted to double the lineup with four brand new ones. The cards include a futuristic Dive brand deconstruction, a delicious ramen meal, a cat flower (yep you heard that right) and an abstract sports design. We hope you fall in love with these new Covers as much as we have

(Dive Tap)  Contacts are cooler now

October 2021 • After releasing our new Octopus Match design last week, we thought it was time to give Dive Tap a little update. There's now a section to attach a photo to your contact information! Not just that, but if you've had issues downloading contacts in the past, we've got you covered! You're now able to manually download the contact file if it doesn't do so automatically

(Dive)  Maintenance has ended

July 2021 • You can once again use all Dive services. If you find any loading issues or a popup saying a service is unsecured, please let us know. Thank you so much for your patience

(Dive)  Maintenance has begun

July 2021 • All Dive services may be unavailable or unsecured for the next 6-48 hours

(Hydrin)  Soooo much support

June 2021 • Over the past few weeks we have added custom icons for eBay, Etsy, Kickstarter,, Microsoft Teams, WeTransfer, Google Meet, Dropbox, Unsplash, Vimeo, VSCO, DeviantArt, Miro, & TIDAL!

(Hydrin)  We know you wanted it

March 2021 • Two new features have been implemented that you have been waiting for! First, you're finally able to use the Tab key on the login and signup panels. Second, on the login panel, there is now a "remember me" checkbox so that you stay logged in for much longer

(Hydrin)  Visual upgrades, lots of them

March 2021 • We just finished an entire iconography revamp! All of the platform icons are finally in vector form—they're infinitely scalable and look great on any screen. You'll also notice that almost every one has gone through some level of design change. These refinements will help make them more clickable while also more unified with each other. Finally, the font across all Dive products has officially switched to Rubik. Your account page and profile will be slightly changed to better fit with our most current design system (hopefully a good change in your opinion)

(Hydrin)  We got meta

December 2020 • Right off the bat, we just want to thank everyone who has used Hydrin so far! We're nearing 100 users which is a number we thought would take a lot longer to reach. That being said, Hydrin now supports all the latest Dive services. Not only can you add another Hydrin link, but you can also link to anything on as well. Now if only Dive were public right now...

(Dive)  Introducing the Circle

November 2020 • We've added in one of our favorite features to date—the Circle! Now, you can access all of the communications between people you follow in the same place. See their comments on posts, your comments on posts, and even do a quick text-only status update right in that section

(Hydrin)  We've made some mistakes

October 2020 • We love to see what people are doing with their Hydrin cards. It's honestly one of the most exciting things in the world to see creative uses of the software that we've built. That being said, we're always trying to improve our services (obviously) and we noticed a problem that was coming up on a lot of Hydrin cards. To say it simply, we failed you and we're trying to fix our mistake. Many people are not taking advantage of the custom icon feature in Hydrin, something we implemented to ensure the safety of everyone who visits a Hydrin profile. Instead, they are adding custom URLs which don't have the same level of safety. To try to fix this, we removed all options (including a custom URL) until the user has inputted a URL, email, or phone number into the large field at the top of the Add Connection section

(Hydrin)  Introducing Hydrin, your social media highway

August 2020 • Wow this has been a while in the making! Our main developers and co-founders Ronny and Luke wanted to release something on the down low that would give a little bit of hype before the big platform drops in 2021. Enter Hydrin, a free service that allows you to consolidate your links into one convienient website. With the power of the DOT (or Distinctive Origin Tag), your url will be only 12 characters long, as opposed to a url like which is 18! We designed Hydrin from the ground up to be clean, simple, and unique. We hope you enjoy using it!

Control your public profile (like never before)

Hydrin is the place for all of your social media links, email addresses, and phone numbers. Create your own personalized page to share with others


Some shoutouts are in order

We love to see what Hydrin users do with their cards. That's why we started the Hydrin shoutout a few months ago. Want to be featured? Start a Hydrin card and do something cool—we'll take care of the rest

Current feature

We can contribute to our own platform (right?)

We're telling our own original stories in 4k video and high-fidelity audio. What good is building a platform if we can't use it ourselves?

On a quest to find 26F, 26M uncovers the truth behind the society he thought he knew. In the future, it's kill or be killed—and he just became the biggest target of them all

Project info

Fully funded

Filming stage

Science Fiction



Sunset rating

The Dive rating scale

We're bringing ratings and censorship into the twenty-first century. Not only do we use the scale for all Dive productions, but we also allow anyone to rate their own uploads. Dive ratings include
for all audiences,
for older families,
for teens and older, and
for mature audiences

When We Mature is rated
for violence, death, and complex themes

You have no idea what's coming, but we're so excited to tell this powerful story

The Rain's Not Bad Under an Overpass


Abandoned with Grant Kilhefner

Limited series

Dive Media is a team of young adults with the focus on changing the internet and entertainment landscape for the better